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Learn about our early beginnings

Recognizing the urgent need to provide exceptional services to immigrant families faced with criminal and immigration matters, Erika N. Salter began infusing immigration law with her thriving criminal practice.   Since 2006, with positive outcomes and proven results, our immigration practice has become the cornerstone of our practice, resulting in one of the largest immigration firms in Texas. The Law Offices of Erika N. Salter has earned a reputation of “La Defendora”, one who defends with excellence, knowledge and truth.

We began our practice in Ft. Worth, Texas, where we have a loyal following of long-term client relationships. A few years later, we opened our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Our focus is family-based immigration services, along with solid, fair criminal representation. Whether handling criminal or immigration matters, our clients are represented with dignity, respect and success. Our ultimate goal is to keep families united and intact. Our professional commitment to fair representation and dedication to the needs of our clients have resulted in clients returning to us for all their legal matters, as well as referring our service to their friends and family members.  

What Makes Us Different?

At the Law Offices of Erika N. Salter, we have over 40 years of combined experience in handling and solving immigration cases. You can rest assured in knowing that your immigration case is being handled by an experienced attorney.

After years of practicing immigration law, our growing list of client testimonials speaks for itself. Whether it’s a case concerning the deportation of a loved one or your own search for citizenship, we have the record that proves just how outstanding we are in delivering on a promise.

We are a team of licensed law professionals ready to take your immigration case to the next level. Our understanding that each and every case deserves specialized attention, research, and tailor-made solutions makes us who we are.

We’re family-first. As soon as you walk through our office doors and meet us, you’ll notice that all of us at the Law Offices of Erika N. Salter are just one big, extended family dedicated to helping you. We welcome you to join our family.

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