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We know that bad things happen to good people. When the time comes, you want the most experienced and capable defenders on your side to protect your rights. That’s why at The Law Offices of Erika N. Salter, our team of qualified lawyers will provide you with the best criminal defense. Our goal is to have your criminal case dismissed, or have your charges reduced as much as possible.

We also know how damaging a conviction can be; that’s why you are more than just a number in our office. We treat each of our clients’ criminal cases with personalized care and attention, so we can provide unique solutions for every individual. Our firm brings the dedication and experience needed to the table to bring you a fair trial.

The types of criminal cases that we have handled in the past:

Abandon Endanger Child Criminal Negligence (FS)
Accident Involving Death (F2)
Accident Involving Injury (F*)
Accident Involving Serious Bodily Injury (F3)
Agg Assault Against Public Servant (F1)
Agg Assault Causes Serious Bodily Inj (F2)
Agg Assault Date/Family/House W/Weapon (F2)
Agg Assault W/Deadly Weapon (F2)
Agg Kidnapping (F1)
Agg Promotion of Prostitution Person/s <18 YOA (F1)
Agg Roberry (F1)
Agg Sexual Assaulkt (F1)
Agg Sexual Assault Child (F1)
Agg Sexual Assault of Elderly/Disabled Person (F1)
Arson Intent Damage Habitat/Place of Worship (F1)
Arson of Bldg/Habit/Veh Reckless Cause Damage (FS)
Assault Against Elderly or Disabled Ind (MA)
Assault Bi Fam/House Mem 2+ W/In 12 months (F3)
Asault Causes Bodily Injury Family Member (MA)
Assault Cause Bodily Injury Family Violence (MA)
Assault Fam/House Mem Impede Breath/Circulat (F3)
Assault Fam/House Member W/Prev Conv (F3)
Assault Family Violence (MA)
Assault Int/Reck Breath/Cir Fam Mem Prev Conv (F2)
Assault Pubic Servant (F3)
Bail Jumping and Fail to Appear (MA)
Bail Jumping and Fail to Appear Felony (F3)
Burglary Habitation (F2)
Burglary Building (FS)
Burglary of Vehicle (MA)
Burglary of Vehicles W/Prev 2 or more Conv (FS)
Child Abuse/Neglect Attempt to Inter W/Inc (MB)
Child Abuse/Neglect Fal Report W/Int+Prev Conv (F3)
Child Abuse/Neglect False Report W/Int (FS)
Criminal Mischief Trans/Comm Equip/Dev <$100,00 (F3) Criminal Mischief >=$1,500<$20K (FS) Criminal Mischief >=$100K<$200K (F2) Criminal Mischief >=$200K (F1)
Criminal Mischief >=$20K<$100K (F3) Criminal Mischief >=$50<$500 (MB) Criminal Mischief >=$500<$1,500 (MA)
Criminal Mischief Damage/Dest Worship/School (FS)
Criminal Mischief Imp/Int PubService <$20,000 (FS) Criminal Trespass (MB) Criminal Trespass W/Deadly Weapon (MA) Cruelty To Livestock Animals (FS) Cruelty To Livestock Animals (MA) Deadly Conduct (MA) Deadly Conduct Discharge Firearm (F3) Disorderly Conduct +3 Priors (MB) Disorderly Conduct Discharge/Display Firearm (MB) Display Fictitious License Plate (MB) Driver License/ID False (MA) Driving W/Lic Inv W/Prev conv/Sus/W/O Fin Res (MB) Driving W/Viol Fin Resp Accident SBI/Death (MA) Driving While Intoxicated (MB) Driving While Intoxicated 2nd (MA) Driving While Intoxicated 3rd or More (F3) Driving While Intoxicated BAC >=0.15 (MA)
Driving While Intoxicated W/Child Under 15 YOA (FS)
Driving While Intoxicated/Open Alch Container (MB)
DWI W/ Previous Intoxication Manslaughter Conv (F3)
Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity (FS)
Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity (MB)
Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity (MA)
Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity (F3)
Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity (F2)
Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity (F1)
Evading Arrest Det Cause SBI (F3)
Avading Arrest Det W/Prev Conviction (FS)
Evading Arrest Det W/Veh (F3)
Evading Arrest Detention (MA)
Evading Arrest Detention Causing Death (F2)
Fail To Identify Fugitive From Justice (MB)
Fail to Identify Fugivite Intent Give False Info (MA)
Fail to Identify Giving False/Fititious Info (MB)
Forgery Financial Instument (FS)
Fraud Destroy Removal Concealment Writing (MA)
Fraud Destroy Removal Concealment Writing ENH (FS)
Illegal Dumping =>500LBS < 1000 LBS (MA) Illegal Dumping >5LBS < 500 LBS (MB)
Illegal Dumping 100 LBS or More (FS)
Improper Photo/Video Bath/Dress RM (FS)
Improper Photography or Visual Recording (FS)
Indecency W/A Child Exposes (F3)
Indency W/Child Secual Conduct (F2)
Indecent Exposure (MB)
Injury child/Elderly/Disable Reckless SBI/Mental (F2)
Injury child/Elderly/Disable W/Int Bodily Inj (F3)
Injury child/Elderly/Disable W/Int SBI/Mental (F1)
Injury child/Elderly/Disable Criminal Negligence (FS)
Injury child/Elderly/Disable Reckless Bodily Inj (FS)
Intox Mansltr Cause Death Peace Ofc/Fire/EMS (F1)
Intoxication Assault W/Vehicle SBI (F3)
Intoxication Manslaughter W/Vehicle (F2)
Kidnapping (F3)
Kidnapping Aggravated (F1)
Man Del CS PG 1<1G (FS)
Man Del CS PG 1<1G DFZ (F3) Man Del CS PG 1>=1G DFZ (F*)
Man Del CS PG 1>=1G<4G (F2) Man Del CS PG 1>=200G<400G (F*) Man Del CS PG 1>=400G (F*)
Man Del CS PG 1>=4G<200G (F1)
Manslaughter (F2)
Murder (F1)
Obstruction Highway Passageway (MB)
Oline Solicit of A Minor (F3)
Online Solicit of a Minor Sexual Conduct (F2)
Online Solicit of a Minor under 14 (F2)
Perjury (MA-F3)
Poss CS PG 1 <1G (F3)
Poss CS PG 1 <1G DFZ (F3) Poss CS PG 1 >=1G<4G (F3) Poss CS PG 1>=200G<400G (F1) Poss CS PG 1>=400G (F*)
Poss CS PG 1 >=4G<200G (F2) Poss CS PG 1 >1G DFZ (F*)
Poss Del Drug Paraphernalia (MA)
Poss Del Drug Paraphernalia to Peron U/18Y (FS)
Poss of Marij <=2 OZ DFZ (MA)
Poss Marij <2 OZ (MB) Poss Marij >2 OZ <=4 OZ DFZ (FS)
Poss of Child Pornography (F3)
Proh Sub Corr Facil-Attempt (F3)
Proh Substance/Item In Correctional Facility (F3)
Proh Weapon (F3)
Proh Weapon Knuckles (MA)
Proh Weapon Knuckles WFZ (FS)
Prostitution (MB)
Prostitution Solicit Person <14 YOA (F2)
Prostitution Solicit Person <18 YOA (F2)
Prostitution W/3rd or More (FS)
Prostitution With one/Two Prev Conviction (MA)
Public Lewness (MA)
Purchase Furnish Alcohol to A Minor (MA)
Racing on Highway Bodily Injury (F3)
Racing on Highway Causing Serious Bodily Inj (F2)
Reckless Driving (MB)
Roberry (F2)
Sale to Minor-Alcohol (MA)
Sexual Assault (F2)
Sexual Assault Child (F2)
Tamper W/Gov Rec-Ins Doc Defraud/Harm (F2)
Tamper W/Govern Rcd Lc/Seal Defraud/Harm IAT (F2)
Tamper W/Government Record (MA)
Terroristc Threat of Family/Household (MA)
Theft Prop $1500<$20K ENH (F3)
Theft Prop $50<$500 ENH (MA)
Theft Prop $500<$1500 ENH (F2)
Theft Prop $1500 2+ Conv ENH (F3)
Theft Prop $20 By Check ENH (MB)
Theft Prop $20 By Check W/Prev Convic ENH (MA)
Theft Prop $20K<$100K (F3)
Theft Prop $1,500 <$20K (FS)
Theft Prop $50 <$500 (MB)
Theft Prop $500 <$1,500 (MA)
Viol Bond/Protective Order (MA)

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The Law Offices of Erika N. Salter has over 40 years of combined experience in handling and solving immigration cases. So, you can rest assured in knowing that your immigration case is being handled by an experienced attorney.

Our growing list of client testimonials speaks for itself. Whether it’s a case concerning the deportation of a loved one or your own search for citizenship, we have the record that proves just how outstanding we are in delivering on a promise.

We are a team of licensed law professionals (immigration and criminal lawyers) ready to take your immigration case to the next level. Our understanding that each and every case deserves specialized attention, research, and tailor-made solutions makes us who we are.

We’re family-first. As soon as you walk through our office doors and meet us, you’ll notice that all of us are just one big, extended family. In other words, a big family dedicated to helping you. We welcome you to join our family.

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